TCM seasonal wellness guide: 秋分 Qiufen (Autumnal equinox)

  1. keep stomach covered: In TCM, gastrointestinal tract is sensitive to wind(cold). As temperature continues to drops, keeping tummy warm is important, especially for those with sensitive stomach or weak digestion.

  2. allround autumn clothing: The challenge in autumn dressing is knowing how to dress for a warm day and a cold night, adding and reducing cloth throughout the day as temperature swings. To over dress now, the body loses the chance to build up the ability to resist cold for the winter. To under dress, risk catching cold now.

  3. keep a warm blanket at hand in the night: The later the night, the colder the qi. This cold qi gets to us easier in the night while body is exhausted after the day, and sown the seed of lower back and leg pain for the future.

  4. daily schedule: Sleep and rise early in this season is recommended, especially for ladies.

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