Tune in to Mother Nature with Chinese 24 seasonal points calendar

What is it?

Chinese lunisolar calendar divides a year into 24 segments based on the sun’s position in the zodiac. Each segment is called a seasonal point/ solar term, which reflects the changes in season, climate and phenology.

The Chinese started using this climatic calendar over 2000 years ago. First in agriculture, then extended to personal health care and cultural activities. Through this calendar, people stay connected with Mother Nature and maintained personal wellness.


How is it useful for me?

No matter how advanced technology or culture or intelligence, our physical bodies are always under the influence of the natural forces, the sun, the wind, the rain, changes in temperature , air pressure and humidity. Our bodies need to constantly adjust itself to adapt to climatic changes. When not, we fall ill. The 24 seasonal points together with the accumulated knowledge of TCM, we can better prepare ourselves in advance of the coming climatic changes against seasonal illness.

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