TCM seasonal wellness guide: 霜降 shuangjiang (Frost’s Descent)

Shuangjiang is the last solar term of autumn, autumn’s end is near. In the northern regions, it is cold to the point that moisture in the air can freeze overnight. In the morning, the greens are covered by frost. The cold in the air can be clearly felt now. Nourishment is focused on the spleen during Shuangjiang. For TCM, the spleen is very important in the last 18 days of every season, because it is not only responsible for the generation of qi and blood, it also supervises the body during seasonal transitions and looks out and alerts it of any illnesses.

TCM has a different approach to foods for each season. However, there is a saying among people that “It is better to replenish in Shuangjiang than to eat throughout the year” This shows the importance of nourishing the yin, tackling the autumn dryness and boosting the stomach and spleen during Shuangjiang. Other than the recommended food ingredients of the previous autumn solar term, the following are supportive to the seasonal transition: Persimmon, sweet potato, corn, chestnut, pomelo, orange, apple and olive

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