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We regularly offer tea basics seminars where we give some general knowledge as well as seminars about more in-detail topics such as single types of tea, regions, tea ware and others.

– feel free to let us know what you’d like to learn about!

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Are you a tea shop owner looking for highest quality rare tea specialities guaranteed free of pollutants, made under fair labour conditions, straight from the plantations in China or other countries?

A café, teahouse, coffee roaster etc. who wants to serve loose leaf tea just as good as their hand roasted coffee?

Looking for special teas as a cocktail basis, the best milk tea recipe in the world or loose leaf tea for the special punch in your baking?

A specialty food or design shop looking for a brand of tea that suits the fine assortment of goods in your shelves?

A kombucha or cold brew tea maker looking for fully tracable organic or even fair trade base materials, sometimes even with direct contact to the producer?

You need help on how to implement loose leaf tea serving instead of tea bags in gastronomy? Looking for tea seminars for your staff or customers?

We are happy to help you, in Germany and basically anywhere else!

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