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Gushu Maocha/Sheng Pu’er

Mangfei village, Yongde township, Lincang city, Yunnan province, China

Picked in March 2017

granite, nettles, celery, apple mint

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With over 300 years maybe the oldest EU organic certified tea trees in the world, a tea garden in 1800 meters elevation deep within those beautiful red soil and granite mountains of the wild Western reaches of Lincang, close to the Burmese border, our producer, a local lady of just about 40 years age, has built up some reputation among local tea connisseurs by producing quite a row of the most interesting modern pu’ers.

This one is no exception. I have been a maocha (unpressed, “hairy tea”, young sheng pu’er) fanatic for a long time, but I rarely find a tea that as much shows the distinct terroir of it’s specific mountain and so clearly lets you taste the age of the trees, the weather influences, the distinct minerality of the soil while still being so perfectly drinkable at such young age.

This one is just what I had been looking for for several years. A refreshing, everchanging, complex, “dry” tea with far too many parralels to a good French white wine. And the huge bonus, just to say it again – the producers and the mountain are EU organic certified while being from actual gushu, that means genuine old trees. Anything more you need to know?

Not sure if I ever want any other maocha ever again.

The perfect gift for a pu’er beginner just as much as people who are absolute pu’er nerds – it’s complex yet very accessible, dry and full of minerals yet round-bodied and pleasant.

And we have compared prices. You won’t get anything similar outside of China.

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