Fellow Stagg EKG Water Kettle 900ml, 1200W

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1200W | 220V | EU plug | 57°C to 100°C | 0.9l at max fill line | 75 cm cable | 1.274 kg (incl. base) | 29x17x20 cm | ETL conformity | FCC certified

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Sure there is nothing better than to boil your water over fire – but if you plan a gongfu session indoors, there normallywon’t be good opportunities to do so. Therefore an electric kettle is probably what a huge majority of you use. And it’s pretty hard to find the one optimal kettle. It took me a few years to test my way through many different types – and this is the one I ended up chosing. As it is rarely available on the European market, I chose to import some units myself.

No, the Stagg is not the perfect kettle. But it’s the best tea ceremony kettle you can get here, I’m actually quite sure. It’s for sure the prettiest, I won’t allow discussions on this topic 😉 – and it does have a series of features that make it actually stand out.

  • the temperature control (from 57 to 100°C, switchable to °F) is very accurate and super smooth, by turn of the wheel – and it remembers your set temperature when turned off. Push the button once and your kettle will reach the last settings

  • – in no time! It is hands down the quickest kettle of all the many ones I tried.

  • The display includes a timer.

  • It shows the set temperature and the actual temperature at the same time, no waiting for it to show the set time or such. Also the LCD display is really well-designed and lit just the right way. No annoying flashing LEDs, no bright lights in a dimly lit room – and still a decently visible display. It’s great.

  • And, it does reach the temperature super quietly. Surely not without a sound and I still prefer an old metal kettle on the oven but seriously, the difference to many other models is huge. The sound it makes even sounds better. It does. The 1200W are not extremely energy-consuming yet they give just the right punch to the kettle.

  • It does not even beep! There are zero sounds other than the boiling water.

  • Due to the inbuilt hold function, it can hold temperature absolutely quietly for up to an hour – so it doesn’t matter if you attend to it right in time or 5 minutes later. So no annoying sounds needed.

  • It is perfectly balanced. So it doesn’t just look awesome, it also feels awesome to use it. There are even wooden knobs and such fancy accessoires for it available in America, I’m trying to get some – but the plastic is really not bad at all. Very nicely, solidly built, you can feel the quality.

  • It pours beautifully – if you want a slow, calm tea session or a perfect pour-over coffee pour, this is the kettle for you.

  • It steams super little. However this works, I have it sitting next to untreated oak wood always fearing too much moisture – it works. Huge upgrade to my previous kettles.

  • There is zero plastic inside, the kettle is worked from a single piece of metal with no crevices or screws and zero materials that could give off any fumes or flavours.

I must admit, there is a few downsides to it too:

  • The spout, as beautiful as it is, can only pour as much as it can. It calms you down, it makes every tea session more relaxed and looks great – but it’s sure not fast. This is NOT a kettle for your everyday kitchen use. It just pours too slowly.

  • If you use it at high altitudes, it still tries to reach the set temperature even when the water already boils. It does not switch off before. Down here by the coast that’s no problem, but up in the Swiss mountains – be careful. It works, but don’t let people use it who don’t know.

  • The cable is high quality and nicely attached on the underside, but it isn’t especially long.

  • It does, sure, get more noisy and the thermometer less accurate if you often use very hard water and don’t clean the sensor. Also, when it’s clogged, it does not always realize it’s empty. Clean it. Please.

  • The paint is beautifully simple and decent quality, but it surely does scratch, so use it with a little care.

  • It does collect water marks and dust. As said above, especially when you have hard water – clean it regularly!

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