HARIO Tea Dripper LARGO Set 800ml

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If I don’t brew my tea gongfu style (I know, that doesn’t happen too often), mostly when I have bigger amounts of guests – or for a coldbrew – this is by far my favourite tool. And since it isn’t that easy to get it in Germany (Hario is a Japanese company known for their high-end coffee equipment but on their home market also selling quite a lot of tea utensils), I stocked up on a few myself.

Divided by a fine metal filter, the upper brewing vessel and the pitcher (you can sure fill any vessel not too big, but the glass pitcher is quite pretty and just the right size) are made from heatproof glass and are by far the easiest way to prepare a high quality tea with several brews perfectly, in exactly the right time – and good-looking too – in the amounts a big teapot offers. You can drain them quite quickly with the push of a button without getting your hands dirty. Stop being annoyed by strainers that are always dirty, never fit the vessel just right and mostly are too small to let the leaves fully unfold, get hot…

I’ve had some of these around for a few years now, used them on fairs, in gastronomy, in seminars too big for major amounts of gongfu brewing – and they never let me down.

This, a temperature controlled kettle and some nice cups and you are set.

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