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April 2019 Pick

chinese pumpkin porridge – nori algae – melonseed

Our Sichuan partner Mr Deng’s classic high quality green tea.

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Old Tree Green is a first flush green tea only from the bud and first leaf of around 100 years old tea bushes on our favourite tea farm, organic certified and grown on 1400m+ in the mountains near Qionglai, Sichuan, China.

2019 once again was a very special year. Spring came up to 3 weeks later than normal. For many tea farms in Western China that meant major losses, but Mr Deng, only producing high quality early spring teas, managed to get those qualities even more refined. Also some of his newly implemented growing practices fully payed out: leaving the ferns from summer on to grow tall enough they cover the tea plants like a winter protection blanket in combination with leaving a mohawk style row of twigs on top of the plants that work as sun collectors while shading the neighbouring plants’ lower parts made this tea incredibly umami to the point of tasting as if it had been processed like a shaded Japanese Gyokuro. Creamy and nutty with a full yet stunningly complex and mildly umami body.

This is rather a tea to concentrate on, to gongfu brew and enjoy. It works as a daily drinker too, but I think more careful brewing techniques can bring out far more of it’s refined structure and complexity. You should by the way try it with different waters – you will be surprised!


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