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April 2019/2020 Pick

porcini, yuzu, green tea

Our Sichuan partner Mr Deng’s traditional Sichuan style yellow tea.

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Made from the exact same pick as the Old Tree Green but with a beautiful twist.

Sichuan Yellow is a first flush yellow tea only from the bud and first leaf of around 100 years old tea bushes on our favourite tea farm, organic certified and grown on 1400m+ in the mountains near Qionglai, Sichuan, China.

It’s even shaped and prepared the same way, but when the Green is going into the roasting the Yellow comes onto a fermenting table, under a wet blanket and ferments for 2-3 days until it’s taken out and roasted in a 5-step process at different temperatures and durations. This gives it a whole assortment of new flavours, on fresh tea from porcini to yuzu – without getting rid of the fine nut, seaweed and finely bitter flavours of the Green.

The 2019 version is already quite different, as it matures strongly. It’s now warmer, rounder – and the porcini has disappered without a trace. The 2020 pick will probably have it again.

Definitely a great tea for gongfu brewing experiments, lots of different flavours at different temperatures (I’d start at 80°C and go up to 90 with time) and interesting to age.

The emperors’ tea! Check it out!

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